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About LeadsForever

The LeadsForever is a Customer Relationship Management software enables you to handle the sales force automation, accounting system management and lead distribution to your sales team. LeadsForever is the best CRM software provider in India and it is here to provide you a customized CRM solution according to your requirement. CRM software helps you through its feature to stop the leakages in your business system.

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Sales Execution
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Field Automation

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Most of business loved to buy LeadsForever lead CRM for their business management.

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Capture Leads

Automated Lead Capture from different lead sources.

Nurture Leads

Nurture the leads from all communication channels.

Manage Leads

Manage your leads process from capture to conversion.

Distribute Leads

Distribute your leads based on area and requirement.

Manage Sales

You need to manage your internal and field sales.

Sales Execution

High speed sales and accelerate your sales execution.

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Change the way to run a high speed sales and get higher efficiency out of your call center, field sales, digital sales and smart lead generation with LeadsForever.


Manage your Leads and Enquiries with the the different products option developed by LeadsForever, this is the only CRM where you can do comple Leads and Enquiries management.

Our Pricing

Basic Import Enquiry Manage Leads Manage Sales Change Status Sale Update
Popular Manage Leads Manage Sales Change Status Sale Update Account Approval
Premium Manage Sales Change Status Sale Update Account Approval Reminder Alerts
Customize CRM Integration Lead Integration App Integration Auto Alerts New Development

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